Rent a house in Thailand and come to see wonderful Thai architecture

What occurs to you when you hear of Thailand? Most probably some of you imagined beautiful temples of Thailand. The architecture of Thailand is magnificent, and worth seeing. So rent a house in Thailand and go on marvellous Asian holidays.

First houses in Thailand were built from wood. Constructions from wood were quite flimsy, so people started to use sandstone. In 12th century sandstone was replaced with brick. If you want to see more architecture of Thailand, rent a house in Thailand’s capital – Bangkok. In Bangkok you could find classical Thai architectures like Emerald Buddha Temple and Wat Suthat.

Thai architecture was influenced by the cultures of China, Burma, India, Khemer and Sri Lanka. Later something was taken from the architecture of Western Europe, but still Thai style is unique. One of the most common features for Thai architecture is multi-tiered roofs. Levels of the roof symbolize Buddha (teacher), Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha) and Sangha (the community of practicing Buddhists). Maybe you will be lucky to find and rent a house in Thailand with multi-tiered roof. When you will rent a house in Thailand notice that some wood details are used in nowadays.

You will be surprised by decorations that are integral part of the architecture of Thailand. Images of animals and birds, colourful mosaic, gold-adorned Buddha images are used as main decorations. To my mind, architecture of Thailand is very impressive. So start planning your vacation. Don’t forget to rent a house in Thailand in advance. Fabulous Asia is waiting for you!

20 Mar 2012